Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Non-invasive cosmetic treatments for men have shot up in popularity in the past few years. In today’s world, there is growing competition for men not necessarily to look flawless, but to look energetic.

We’re seeing more and more male patients come in to refresh their looks. A main factor for this uptick is the number of hours men spend gazing at their own image on a computer screen. Since the beginning of the pandemic, men have spent an increasing number of hours on video calls, causing them to rethink how they view their appearance. We call this “Zoom Dysmorphia” – a term that describes the phenomenon that developed during the pandemic where more patients expressed a desire to make changes to their appearance.


Men’s cosmetic goals differ from women’s.

Typically, men want to:

  • Look more rested and energized, eliminating tired eyes
  • Maintain ruggedness, keeping some lines such as frown lines to look distinguished
  • Look more fit with a clear complexion

Plus, men and women’s skin is quite different (and not just because men can grow beards). Men tend to have higher levels of collagen density and greater skin thickness. While men lose collagen at a similar rate to women, they don’t see changes from aging as much since they experience bone remodeling much later at age 45, while women experience it starting at age 25. As well, testosterone makes a man’s skin thicker, oilier, rougher, and sweatier than a woman’s. Even though men’s skin is different, it responds to the same types of treatments as women’s.

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